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Goat Bacon

Yesterday I smoked some goat "bacon" over hickory chips for about four hours. What a tasty product! Though it lacks some of the fattiness and complexity of pork belly that has been cured and smoked, it makes up for it with its unique flavor.

When butchering my goat, I was looking for slabs to use as goat bacon. At the time, the tentative menu for the next Lazy Bear included a course: GOAT BACON | Egg Yolks | Chives | Flowers. I had planned on making goat bacon, crisping it up molded into the same shape as the olive oil crackers, and serving it with a cylinder of sous vide egg yolk (to follow the olive oil cracker with a cylinder of creme fraiche). I ended up scrapping it for various reasons, but I still wanted to make goat bacon.

The cuts that seemed best were basically the spare ribs and outsides of the rack bones. Using Ryan Farr's super secret frenching method for racks (see this post), you can take off all the meat from the outside of the rack bones in a single piece. I used that cut, which has nice layers of fat and meat. I cured them in basic dry cure with some added juniper berries for three days, at which point they were all firm and cured. Then I threw them on the grill over wood chips. Now they're ridiculously delicious. While I was smoking, I threw a roulade of leg meat on to smoke as well.

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